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The Ruth Law Team Reviews and Testimonials

We really want you to know how hard we’ll work on your behalf, how important our 35+ years of experience are, and that we provide the highest standard of legal skill with our goal always being to give every client the very best representation and legal guidance possible. But don’t just take it from us…read what our clients have to say. The following are all documented quotes shared by clients of The Ruth Law Team with their permission. We have signed documentation and authorization from each client on file in our office, per Florida Bar regulations.

Brandie W.

06/27/2018 – Pinellas Park

The services provided by The Ruth Law Team are always excellent. Very professional and friendly.

Sabrina S.

06/26/2018 – Inverness

This law firm has been a godsend to me. Everyone is always willing to help and listen always. Amy has been GREAT. I appreciate her very much.

Kristina W.

05/23/2018 – Tampa

Jessica, Nicole & Carlos were absolute top-notch professionals throughout the arduous case for which they represented my interests. Highly organized with frequent communications, keeping me informed of what was and what could be expected. I felt I was represented by the very best law team and never regretted choosing Ruth Law. Will always refer friends and family to this law group.

Mark P.

05/22/2018 – Clearwater

Ruth hit it out of the park.

John B.

05/11/2018 – St. Petersburg

This is the third time I have hired The Ruth Law Team. I could not be happier. I have been through two trials with Eric, and both times we received an amazing result. Eric is an awesome trial lawyer!

Jesus R.

05/11/2018 – Tampa

Did a great job handling my case. Thank you so much.

Carrington D.

05/02/2018 – Largo

I am extremely satisfied with Jessica’s help and the entire Ruth Law Team. I have no regrets with choosing this law group and The Ruth Law Team would be my first and only recommendation to anyone seeking legal help.

Robert H.

04/20/2018 – St. Petersburg

The Ruth Law Team was really good. They were aggressive and prompt as well as friendly. I would recommend The Ruth Law Team to anyone needing legal assistance.

Ronald H.

03/12/2018 – Inverness

Professional, timely representation. We were always kept well informed and had access to the Team whenever necessary. I would recommend The Ruth Law Team to anyone. Amy, Eric and Nicole were extremely knowledgeable and competent. Thanks for all you did for us.

Phyllis L.

03/05/2018 – St. Petersburg

Very happy with my personal care during my claim. Thank you for all involved in resolving this for me.

Jazmine H.

01/16/2018 – Miami

I have used Ruth Law Team in two of my accidents & I am always pleased with their service. I will continue to use them/recommend them when necessary. Thank you!

Mona C.

12/21/2017 – Clearwater

Amy & Nicole have been wonderful. They have done very good work – very professional and helpful and patient.

Claudia S.

12/20/2017 – Orlando

I feel that the services provided were excellent. Within 3 months’ time we experienced good communication, open and pleasant between our lawyer, paralegal and ourselves. They were help us with everything regarding our case. Thank you and happy holidays.

Riavelette G.

12/20/2017 – Clearwater

I want to say thanks to all of you that [took] your time to represent my son in this case. I truly will recommend you to my friends and family.

Amelia S.

12/20/2017 – Orlando

The process went quickly on the team’s part. Very reliable and trusting team. I highly recommend The Ruth Law Team. Thank you to Nicole Davis and Nicole Whitfield for taking the time in helping and guiding us through our case.

Stephanie F.

12/14/2017 – Valrico

The Ruth Law Team did an amazing job representing me in my case. Outcome was greater than I would have expected. I would recommend them before any other law team!

Thomas J.

12/15/2017 – Ellenton

Very satisfied with Amy’s excellent assistance. Will definitely refer friends and family.

Erin S.

11/07/2017 – St. Petersburg

Eric and everyone on the Ruth Law team is amazing! Thank you so much for helping me close this chapter of my life!

Marilyn W.

11/14/2017 – Largo

I was very satisfied with the service I received from Jessica and Carlos. They were professional and very concerning of my case. I thank them very much.

Bobbi I.

10/05/2017 – St. Petersburg

My son and I went through a very devastating and exhausting time of our lives two years ago. We were fortunate to have Eric Roslansky and the law firm looking out for our best interests.

Andrew D.

11/03/2017 – Clearwater

Very pleased! Great service!

Christy J.

10/03/2017 – Largo

The Ruth Law Team has gone above and beyond my expectations in both cases my family has dealt with. Thank you!

Ashley F.

09/20/2017 – Hudson

Very good service. Always kept contact via email or call. Highly recommend them.

Alicia P.

08/24/2017 – Spring Hill

Extremely satisfied. Definitely would recommend to everyone I know.

Sonya F.

08/09/2017 – Lakeland

I was very satisfied with the service I received from the Ruth firm. The firm took really good care of me and my family.

Nicholette C.

08/07/2017 – Beverly Hills

I was very satisfied with Eric, Nicole and his team. They worked very hard for us. Thank you for helping us through a difficult time.

Diane S.

05/16/2017 – Tampa

Great service. Was very at ease with Patty and Amy. Will return if I ever have a problem! Thanks!

Kevin H.

04/06/2017 – Treasure Island

Was pleasantly surprised with the amount I received.

Rebekah W.

04/13/2017 – Clearwater

Great service — They are amazing! So helpful and respond quickly.

Julia F.

05/01/2017 – Tampa

So thankful to have help in a time when I felt helpless. Amy and her team have made the process of accident recovery and paying bills seamless.

Guido T.

03/29/2017 – New Port Richey

Jessica and Carlos have been an extreme comfort and help. Both sympathetic and kind. Thank you very much. PS an extreme asset to your firm.

Cathy P.

03/22/2017 – St. Petersburg

Great service! Thank you.

Reena D.

03/02/2017 – Tampa

Very helpful. Works very hard to give you the best outcome they can for you.

Elizabeth M.

12/22/2016 – Palm Harbor

I have been thrilled with the attention to detail and the caring and personalized services I have received from this group! Diligent, trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile for my case. Highly recommended!

Nancy M.

12/22/2016 – St. Petersburg

Have used them twice with the best results possible.

Margery W.

03/26/2016 – Venice

Everyone has been great. Would highly suggest and refer them to friends and family.

Robert K.

10/25/2016 – Leesburg

The Ruth Law Team is the best law firm in Florida.

James C.

10/13/2016 – Largo

Exceptional service, very patient and professional.

Michael K.

10/13/2016 – Winter Park

It has been great having Eric and Nicole on our team. My family appreciates all they have done for us. They always respond promptly and follow through when they say they will.

Beatrice L.

10/06/2016 – Pinellas Park

Everyone at The Ruth Law Team treated me with respect and dignity.

Barbara M.

10/06/2016 – St. Petersburg

I appreciate all the time and effort both Carlos and Jessica put in to resolve my case. They were both very helpful and pleasant to work with.

Laura O.

09/09/2016 – Riverview

I was extremely satisfied with the service of The Ruth Law Team. They worked extremely hard to get me justice and fight for my rights. They were able to reduce my medical bills and work with the insurance companies on getting me the best outcome. I highly recommend The Ruth Law Team.

Keenan K.

08/18/2017 – New Port Richey

[They] were great pulling me out of a bad situation and straightening the mess out. Thank you so much!!

Evan F.

08/08/2016 – Pinellas Park

Very helpful and made my first experience with a lawyer very quick and easy. I will definitely recommend and return if needed.

Cynthia C.

07/28/2017 – Wesley Chapel

We felt confident in the Ruth Law group to assist our daughter’s claim and the team was always quick to respond to inquiries and questions.

Cloyce J.

07/28/2016 – Largo

I would like to thank all the staff of The Ruth Law Team. They were always courteous, thorough and everything was done in a timely manner.

Crystal T.

07/21/2016 – Tampa

I was very satisfied with The Ruth Law Team’s help. They told me what to expect so I had no surprises. After what happened, that was a relief in itself.

Bobby P.

07/18/2016 – Tampa

Very professional and courteous and timely in returning calls. They were always courteous and made me feel very important as a client.

Roberta S.

07/16/2016 – Clearwater

Thank you for your hard work. I appreciate everyone in your office.

Deanna F.

06/30/2016 – Holiday

Awesome, responsible law firm. When no one would look at my case, they took me on and I would up with a number I did not expect. Eric is great.

William T.

05/26/2016 – St. Petersburg

Amy Catledge was extremely kind and caring. Her manner is very professional. She kept us informed of every step in the process of our action. Amy has worked diligently on our case and always kept us well-informed of our progress.

Eileen R.

05/19/2016 – Zephyrhills

I have been very satisfied with The Ruth Law Team. They have helped me in any way they could, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Ashley M.

05/17/2016 – Tampa

Amy and Dolly were fantastic on keeping me in the loop. I would definitely choose this law firm for any of my legal needs.

Cashmere B.

05/13/2016 – Clearwater

Working with The Ruth Law Team was a great experience for me. Everyone’s so kind and open- hearted. I would recommend them to just about anyone! Thanks Ruth Law Team.

Conneatha M.

05/06/2016 – Tampa

Eric went above and beyond this case to make sure I received the best treatment and care during this ordeal. It’s not about the money. They actually care about you. Will use again and recommend to family and friends.

Edith N.

05/03/2016 – Inverness

I am very satisfied with The Ruth Law Team. I hope they keep up the good work. God Bless the team. Thanks, Amy.

Pam P.

04/15/2016 – St. Petersburg

I was very satisfied with my experience with The Ruth Law Team. They were very professional and experienced with my claim and case.

Holly F.

04/15/2016 – St. Petersburg

Very satisfied! Thank you for everything!

Jerikka S.

04/12/2016 – Clearwater

The [Ruth] Law Team was very helpful. They made it very easy and completed my case in a timely fashion.

Anissa J.

03/31/2016 – Valrico

Very professional associates with great communication. They kept me very informed on the status of my case.

Robert R.

03/17/2016 – Port Richey

The values and true moral character of all the firm representatives were above reproach.

Jana C.

03/17/2016 – St. Pete

I was very satisfied with my representation. Jessica and Carlos were very helpful and helped me resolve my issues with my car accident. I would recommend them to anyone.

Allison G.

02/24/2016 – Bradenton

I read reviews online about how good they were. My wife and I are very happy with the outcome.

Angela B.

02/17/2016 – Clearwater

Jessica was wonderful in this whole process. I always felt I could talk to her about anything and never felt that she was not entirely here for me. Thanks Again.

Michelle M.

02/01/2016 – Ruskin

This has been the best experience in a horrible situation. I was able to get all of the medical help I needed without having to come out of pocket. Everyone, especially Eric & Nicole made this “accident” a lot easier.

Roberta M.

01/29/2016 – Clearwater

The Ruth Law Team was great. Jessica and Carlos really helped me. I would recommend the firm to others.

Tasha R.

01/20/2016 – Clearwater

Amy did an awesome job with romy cases. Very excellent lawyer and will use (her) in the future!

Rosalina F.

01/15/2015 – Sebring

Thank you for all your hard work and help. Very nice and helpful.

Godfrey H.

01/08/2016 – Clearwater

The Ruth Law Team did a great job for me. Thank you Jessica, Carlos and the entire team for fighting the insurance company for me. I will recommend The Ruth Law Team to my family, friends and co-workers. Thank you.

Jane P.

12/29/2015 – Clearwater

The Ruth Law Team did an excellent job addressing every aspect of my case. They were effective and professional. I would highly recommend anyone needing an attorney to contact them.

Dale T.

12/29/2015 – Largo

I appreciate the Ruth Law Team and all that they did from me. It was great service.

Sabrina S.

12/28/2015 – St. Petersburg

They were very prompt and handled everything for me with no problem.


12/23/2015 – St. Pete

First class attorneys and assistant attorneys, always keep you in the loop and always call back when not available.

Rhonda Y.

12/23/2015 – Bradenton

I am very happy with the way Eric and Austin went to bat for me and lowered the cost of my medical bills.

Randall N.

12/23/2015 – Pinellas Park

I am very happy with the work done by this law firm on my behalf.

Gary H.

12/23/2015 – St. Petersburg

The services were very good.  I have been extremely pleased with your service.  You have been awesome and I would recommend you to anyone and everyone!

Gina V.

12/22/2015 – Clearwater

I have been very satisfied with The Ruth Law Team, in particular, my attorney Amy Catledge. She has always been available and has been very personable. Thank you for your assistance in settling my case.

Suzanne P.

12/22/2015 – Palm Harbor

Eric and your staff were always very caring and helpful. I would highly recommend using this law firm for any problems you may endure.

Joshua U.

12/21/2015 – Land ‘O Lakes

I was very satisfied with the firm. Very down to earth and a quick settlement on the case.

Major M.

12/18/2015 – Clearwater

Miss Amy is the best lawyer ever.

Carrie B.

12/17/2015 – Clearwater

Very professionally handled my fears and questions. Great job in reducing bills to right amounts and providing a great settlement. Thank you.

Anthony G.

12/18/2015 – St. Pete

I have been very happy with the timely way I have been treated.

Lisa H.

12/15/2015 – Dunedin

The lawyer and legal assistant were very helpful in helping me out with getting the healthcare service I needed. Very passionate in the work they did and very professional.

Cheryl D.

12/09/2015 – Temple Terrace

Everyone worked hard to help us. Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Magdalia F.

12/02/2015 – Seminole

It was a pleasure working with Eric Roslansky. He was there to answer all of our questions and help us through the whole process. If I ever need any legal advice he would be the first person I would call. He did a great job handling our case.

Naomi H.

12/02/2015 – St. Petersburg

I was very satisfied with the way my claim was handled. [Eric] was very nice.

Corey K.

11/23/2015 – Largo

…always received clear and concise information and call backs when requested.

Diane P.

11/19/2015 – Brooksville

The firm did a great job and answered all of my questions in a timely matter. Thank you.

Nettie B.

11/19/2015 – Inverness

[I am] very satisfied. I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs good lawyers. Thank you Mr. Eric and Ms. Nicole. I appreciate all of your kindness and your services. Also Ms. Amy–I can’t leave her out. This is a great team of lawyers. God bless each of you.

Kim P.

11/11/2015 – Land ‘O Lakes

Amy treated me with trust and kindness. She is very professional and her staff was very good. We will refer everyone to them.

Victoria M.

11/05/2015 – Tampa

Great service. Always got back to me in a timely manner and always nice.

Deborah D.

10/27/2015 – Hudson

I just wanted to say Carlos has been fantastic throughout this process and very professional also through my dealings with Jessica. I would call your office if services were ever needed again.

Kathleen C. and John C.

10/01/2015 – Tierra Verde

Very satisfied with Jessica & Carlos. Great team work and always kept us up to date. Would definitely recommend the firm.

Michelle H.

09/24/2015 – Bradenton

Awesome job Jessica and Carlos! Amazing Work! [They] listened to my needs when no other firm would. Met my needs 110{7b0f9a613a6857e14562fa0a1b26cd067b995d91d673512a1ec838e971e7f3c9}.

Shakema B.

09/24/2015 – St. Petersburg

My service was very good. Everything was explained and completed in a timely manner.

Chad W.

09/04/2015 – Largo

I was very satisfied with Jessica.  She did a great job for the circumstances. Thank you for fighting for me.  If something happens to where I need a lawyer again, I will definitely call [them]. Thank you.

Sharon G.

09/03/2015 – Clearwater

I was very pleased with the service and will come back again. They were very nice, always smiling and willing to help.

Marilyn A.

09/03/2015 – Lutz

Great service and friendly. Worked around my work schedule and accommodated for all my necessities.

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